Journal № 1 (15) 2022
There are several areas in the field of occupational and industrial safety where the use of digital technologies can be most effective: control over the safety of work and working conditions, control over the health of workers, documentation of procedures in the field of occupational safety.

One of the tasks of monitoring the safety of work and working conditions is the control of dust content in the air.

Industrial dust consists of the smallest solid particles released during the operation of enterprises. It damages the organs of the respiratory system and can cause irreparable damage to the body, including potentially fatal diseases.

To solve this problem, TROLEX (UK), an associate member of ABMEC, has developed an AIR XD dust concentration measurement system that provides high accuracy of real-time data, regardless of how polluted or dangerous the environment is.

Using advanced light scattering techniques combined with proprietary data processing algorithms, AIR XD is able to achieve accuracy levels typically used only in high-end laboratory equipment (±5%).

Another area undergoing digital transformation is the control of the movement of ground layers during underground work. In world practice, mountain impacts and landslides are the most common cause of accidents that can lead to the death of people at mining enterprises.

To solve the problem of controlling the movement of layers, TROLEX has developed the RockMonitor XR system. The system conducts continuous remote monitoring and provides detailed information about the movement of rocks throughout the mine in real time.

Automatic monitoring provides a preliminary warning about excessive movement of layers, increases the level of safety of workers. An independent assessment showed a 65% reduction in the number of injuries and incidents with a 40% increase in productivity. The data obtained from the system can also be used directly in the work of the enterprise in order to improve the anchorage system, when planning further work, etc. Thus, the widespread introduction of digital technologies in the field of occupational and industrial safety increases the level of employee safety and the efficiency of the enterprise.