Journal № 3 (14) 2021 Our partners
Some time ago a Special Economic Zone «Technopolis Moscow» was created in Moscow, where the industry of the future, namely innovative enterprises of advanced industries, was concentrated. The Moscow Special Economic Zone unites one site in Pechatniki and four in Zelenograd, which are «Alabushevo», «Micron», «MIET» and «Angstrom».

The purpose of the SEZ is to develop the innovative ecosystem of the city and provide the most favorable conditions for the placement of Russian and foreign high-tech enterprises. Technopolis Moscow SEZ solves modern scientific and technical problems and produces new types of products and technologies. There are more than 80 residents in the special economic zone, who have created over eight thousand jobs. Companies specializing in a wide variety of industries are located here.

High-tech business is complicated. Usually a lot of time passes from the moment when the development is created to its implementation. Technopolis Moscow SEZ allows to reduce this time due to the readymade industrial infrastructure and implement the investment project as efficiently as possible thanks to numerous preferences.

The SEZ has created the most favorable conditions for residents, including many functioning benefits, thanks to which high-tech companies are actively developing and thriving.
In addition to the benefits, there are numerous services. For example, there is a service for preparing business plans for obtaining the status of a SEZ resident, there is an opportunity to work with residents online through the «Personal Account» system, there is also a client manager and much more. Companies exchange experience and ideas, cooperate and become a single, smoothly working mechanism.

Technopolis Moscow SEZ actively attracts national and foreign investors, develops foreign trade and export and strives to establish open relations with the world market. Thus, the resident companies of the Technopolis Moscow SEZ not only provide the capital with everything necessary, but also export their products. In the first six months of 2021 residents of the special economic zone delivered products abroad totaling 523 million rubles, which is 3.3 times more than in the same period of 2020. Products from the capital’s SEZ are purchased in Europe, Asia, the CIS, the Middle East, the USA and Canada.

Technopolis Moscow SEZ not only creates new solutions, but also actively presents them to all those interested in science and industry. In the Year of Science and Technology more than 140 thousand people got acquainted with the work of SEZ enterprises in the format of online and offline excursions; dozens of meetings were held on the introduction of new technologies, business support and cooperation; communication with universities is established, young people are attracted for internships at enterprises of the special economic zone.

Thanks to information support from the SEZ «Technopolis Moscow» the developments of innovative companies are widely known. Such close interaction of the special economic zone within the technological community and openness to the outside world make it possible to implement modern solutions into production more effectively, as well as attract young specialists to promising and in-demand industries.