Journal № 2 (16) 2022
– Mr. Li, SLC Rus has recently become a member of the Financial and Business Association of Eurasian Cooperation. What prompted you, as the head of the corporation, to make such a decision?

– Since 1992, I have been living and working in Russia, and therefore I am well familiar with the peculiarities of doing business here. In addition, I have experience in implementing major in ternational projects.

As you probably know, China is guid ed by the principles of the initiative of our leader Xi Jinping – "One Belt, One Road", which are aimed at deepening economic cooperation between coun tries on a global scale.

The Financial and Business Asso ciation of Euro-Asian Cooperation in its structure, goals and objectives, as it seems to me, fully complies with these principles, contributing to the integra tion of businesses from key regions. In addition, I am impressed by the fact that the members of the FBA EAC provide as sistance to the development of projects in the field of culture and science. As the head of an oilfield services company, I nevertheless consider it is necessary to deepen ties between the countries in the fields of medicine, education and the arts.

All this became the main reasons for the entry of SLC Rus Corporation into the Association, and then my acceptance of the offer to head it.

– Could you tell us more about the "One Belt, One Road" initiative? How can its principles affect your work and the activities of the FBA EAC?

– This initiative involves deepening trade and logistics cooperation within the framework of the implementation of two projects: the Silk Road Econom ic Belt from China to Europe and the Maritime Silk Road of the XXI Century. I hope that with my arrival, the number of projects corresponding to this initia tive will increase.

– Does this mean that the focus of the Association will now be on China, as well as strengthening ties with the Asian region?

– Not necessarily. If we carefully study the goals of the "One Belt, One Road" initiative, it will become clear that this is a kind of new model of international cooperation, within the framework of which it is supposed to strengthen cooperation between both regions and countries bordering China and territo ries remote from the PRC. According to the results of 2021, about 140 countries of the world were involved in the "One Belt, One Road" project. In this regard, it would not be entirely correct to be lieve that with the arrival of a candi date from China as president of the Association, the emphasis in its work will shift towards Asia. Rather, on the contrary, in the context of the global economic downturn after the pandem ic, China can act as a conductor of the gradual restoration of ties between the West and the East, contributing to the growth of economic and logistical ties. However, I really would not like to talk about such global things – it is rather for politicians. I tend to think like a representative of the business community. I have several attractive investment projects aimed at inten sifying the development of Eurasian cooperation. I believe that the assess ment of the FBA EAC experts, as well as the investment potential at my dis posal, will be a good starting point for their launch.

– Mr. Li, are you ready to share infor mation about these projects now?

– In general, yes, but I would still wait for the expert opinion of my colleagues from the Association.

– What is your vision of the devel opment of the FBA EAC for the next three years? What are you planning to focus on?

– First of all, on the implementation of economic, investment and cultural projects. Due to the well-known polit ical events, as well as due to the pan demic, business activity has slowed down somewhat, but I really hope that my work as president of the FBA EAC will help not only to restore, but also to increase the previous volume of cooperation. SLС Rus Corporation, where I am the CEO, participates in the implementation of engineering, export and cultural projects in Rus sia and China. However, the geogra phy of the global SLC corporation is much wider. For example, in the bank of our works there is a project to clean the waters of natural reservoirs. The project was implemented with the as sistance of scientists from three coun tries, one of which is located in the North American region.

I also plan to expand the participa tion of representatives of the Associa tion in major events of international importance. After all, SLC is a multidis ciplinary holding company with great capabilities and experience in both or ganizing and ensuring the presence of partners at many landmark events, such as the Chinese Expo.

I think it is important to preserve and promote the development of aca demic ties between universities. By the way, I now have at my disposal a very attractive investment project in the de velopment of biopharmaceutical tech nologies – through the cooperation of the world's leading universities and with the key role of Russian scientists.

– What are your personal expectations from working in the Association? How will you evaluate the effectiveness of your activities in your new post?

– I expect, firstly, the growth of business ties; secondly, the implementation of already planned, and the generation of new forms of cooperation; thirdly, an increase in investment in existing areas of work. I believe that the results of all this activity will serve as an assessment of its effectiveness.

– What would you like to wish the members of the Association and those who would like to join it?

– Inexhaustible optimism and energy in the implementation of truly sig nificant business projects, as well as the belief that together we can do much more.

Li Shuobing was born on July 1, 1971 in Chongqing (China).

He has been living and studying in Rus sia since 1992. He graduated from the St. Petersburg University of Civil Aviation (Bachelor's degree) and the East Siberian Institute of Economics and Law (Master's degree).

In 2001, he founded and is currently the head of JSC SLC Rus in Moscow.