29.11.2022-1.12.2022 — International forum-exhibition Russian industrialist


Saint Petersburg | EXPOFORUM

Russian Industrialist is a federal platform for discussions and consultations between big business and the government, leading technology companies, and medium and small businesses about the development agenda in today’s environment.

The Forum ranks among the leading economic events of federal importance and is designed to reflect the interests of individual groups of industrialists, industries and industrial enterprises in the context of limited resources and sanctions pressure.


Operator: Expoforum International
Venue: EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Centre, Saint Petersburg


  • Heads of federal and regional authorities
  • Directors of industrial enterprises, chief engineers, chief process engineers and other specialists
  • Heads of technology and IT companies
  • Heads of higher education institutions and research centres
  • Members of the RUIE industry committees and commissions
  • Participants of industry associations
  • Representatives of small and medium manufacturing enterprises
  • Representatives of credit and financial organizations

Exhibition program

The Forum Exhibition will showcase high-tech industrial equipment and the latest technologies of the leading industrial enterprises.
Topics of the Exhibition Russian Industrialist:
  • Import substitution in the machine tool industry;
  • Import substitution in energy and energy-saving equipment;
  • Import substitution in the radioelectronic industry;
  • Import substitution in automation and robotics;
  • Russian products for metalworking and welding production;
  • Energy and transport engineering;
  • Instrumentation, radio and electronic engineering, electrical products;
  • Domestic medical equipment;
  • Industrial potential of the Russian regions.
Participants of the Exhibition Program
  • Large and medium-sized industrial enterprises
  • Industrial potential of the Russian regions
  • Federal development institutions
  • Industrial and innovative small-sized enterprises
  • Russian high-tech companies
  • Guest exhibitions of the enterprises from the EEU and other countries
  • Joint programs of universities and research institutions with industrial enterprises