№3 (11) 2020, Igor Dodon
Cover face
President of the Republic of Moldova Igor Dodon
The geography of the journal is represented by countries
Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Armenia, Mongolia, Moldova, Montenegro
Key articles of the issue
The world must be more comfortable for life and development (I. Dodon), New opportunities for International Business Cooperation and the role of the RSPP (С. Krasilnikov), The banking system of Montenegro in conditions of the pandemic and the future of the European economy (B. Peyakovič), Western banks: a successful niche approach of the countries of Eurasia to working in Russia and Eastern Europe will endure through hard times (G. Doiber), О. Preksin. Monetary world order: yesterday, today, tomorrow (О. Preksin), COVID-19 and its impact to the world economy (J. Clausen), The crisis has accelerated the evolution of the Russian legal industry (М. Sachev)