№1(12) 2021, Maki Sall
Cover face
President of the Republic of Senegal Maki Sall
The geography of the journal is represented by countries
Russia, Armenia, Senegal, Kazakhstan, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, South Africa, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Australia
Key articles of the issue
The Russian economy has reasons for optimism in 2021 (A. Shokhin), Eurasian integration today: trends and prospects (T. Suleimenov), South Africa: economy and the role of the Industrial Development Corporation (G.Sebulela), The role of gold during the pandemic (T. Fic), World HR Trends - Lessons for Central and Eastern Europe (I.Lengyel), From the transport corridor to the economic - efficient way to increase investment attractiveness and integrated regional development (I.Ohashi), Convergence between EU and EAEU - more than economic benefit (U. Schneider) and other