№3(14) 2021, Аlexander Shokhin
Cover face
Аlexander Shokhin, President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
The geography of the journal is represented by countries
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Great Britain, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, Russia, Romania, France, Uzbekistan, Montenegro
Key articles of the issue
The mission of the RSPP remains unchanged: to establish a dialogue between business and government (А. Shokhin), Strong together (А. Shakkaliev),.Small banks in the context of the development of financial services and technologies (М. Baytokov), Available Non-reimbursable Funds in Romania for investors and companies (B. Hossu), Paris EUROPLACE: A unifying role in development and promotion (A. de Romanet), Department of Foreign Economic and International ,Relations of the City of Moscow: cooperation without borders (S. Cheremin), Technopolis Moscow SEZ: developing the industry of the future, Banking trends and attractiveness of investing in Montenegro (B. Pejaković)