№2(16) 2022, Li Shuobing
Cover face
President of the FBA EAC, Founder and CEO of SLC-Rus Li Shuobing
The geography of the journal is represented by countries
Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Belarus, China, Mongolia.
Key articles of the issue
EAEU: Food security and import substitution (А. Kamalyan); International settlements and national currency markets – problematic issues (K. Artyukh); SLC-Rus company is a business with the high social responsibility index (Li Shuobing); Workforce through the mirrors of technological change (А. Bespalov); Economic development, digital transformation and ESG banking in the Republic of Uzbekistan (B. Khamidov); Hydrogen energy: advantages, problems and prospects (V. Donchenko); Russian Industrialist. Time – forward! (S. Voronkov); ESG and Green financing: experience of the Republic of Belarus (A. Zhilich).