№2 (4) 2018, Rajnish Kumar
Cover face
Chairman of the State Bank of India Rajnish Kumar
The geography of the journal is represented by countries
India, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Kyrgyzstan, France, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Italy
Key articles of the issue
The best in our relations is yet to come (R. Kumar), From traditional banking to the digitalization of financial services (B. Kapyshev), The banking sector reform in Montenegro (B. Pejakovic), Gold Italy (А. Boldi), Investments and state (L. Kamara), Association of Belarusian Banks: Digit is priority, Germany – Russia: business-gravitation remains (T. Galander), India—a country of great opportunities (D. Bagla), Real-time settlements raise banks competitiveness (I. Lengyel), Azerbaijan: Institute defending the interests of clients