№3 (5) 2018, Andrey Beliyaninov
Cover face
Chairman of the EDB Management Board Andrey Beliyaninov
The geography of the journal is represented by countries
Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Kazakhstan, Poland, France, Russia
Key articles of the issue
Conservatism as a success factor (A. Beliyaninov), Stronger partnership with B20 (A. Shokhin), Intellectual property and Eurasian financial market (V. Lopatin), Montenegro: Problems with NPLs and European Commission position (B. Pejakovic), Moldova: The problem of non-performing loans (D. Ursu), Russia and France: growing partnership (J. Clausen), Financial stability in Kazakhstan (J. Ashigali), Future food: meat snacks (А. Antipov), Romania and Russia are not enemies (F. Luca)