№ 1(6) 2019, Veroljub Dugalic
Cover face
Secretary General of the Association of Serbian Banks Veroljub Dugalic
The geography of the journal is represented by countries
Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Germany, Korea, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Uzbekistan, Russia, Latin American Countries
Key articles of the issue
Latin America in the context of financialisation of the world economy (N. Kholodkov), Space market: structure and trends (I. Moiseev), Quasi-crystalline technological progress (V. Kryachko), Issyk-Kul – an oasis on the Great Silk Road (N. Schetnikov), Gold-mining in Buryatia: problems and outlook (S. Lyasota), Gyeonggi-do – the driver of the Republic of Korea (K. Kyungjun), Monetary liberalization of economy as the most important development factor for the Republic of Uzbekistan (B. Khamidov), The banking sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina: burn to reborn (B. Kutle)