Journal № 2 (18) 2023

«Eco Trade» LLC has been producing and suppling fertilizers based on lacustrine sapropel since 2009.

During this time, numerous practical experiments have been conducted with the application of this development in the cultivation of various crops on a variety of soil composition and in different climatic zones. The results have been impressive.

An important stage of the experiments was the testing and registration of the fertilizer under the new brand «Live Soil» by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, after which the Ministry issued a certificate of state registration authorizing the use of the fertilizer in the country.

Highly concentrated organomineral fertilizer (based on lacustrine sapropel) «Live Soil» is produced at the «Eco Trade» plant, which is located in an ecologically clean place near Veliky Novgorod. The production technology and equipment were developed by Russian specialists – professionals in the field of agroecology.

Raw material (sapropel) used for the production of «Live Soil» fertilizer is of high quality and unique. The uniqueness is determined, firstly, by the sapropel deposit itself – with the highest percentage of organic matter and, secondly, by the method of extraction – without air contact. Each extracted batch is tested for pathogens.

The deposit is located far from populated areas and far from industrial enterprises, which prevents any harmful substances from getting into the lake through groundwater. The explored and confirmed volume of the deposit is enough to treat at least 500 million hectares of land. This fact makes it possible to consider cooperation with the largest agricultural enterprises in the world.

So why is there a need for an organic growth stimulant based on lacustrine sapropel – a highly concentrated organomineral fertilizer «Live Soil»?

The answer is simple: concern for the environment and the availability of quality food are modern trends and in many ways – a vital necessity. At the same time for the agricultural producers, following these trends, it is important not to increase monetary investments. That is why the company «Eco Trade» is ready to offer its cooperation to everyone who is interested in solving ecological and food problems. The company has everything required for that matter: competent and experienced specialists, the ability to produce sufficient quantity of products and willingness to solve partners' problems.

Application of «Live Soil» fertilizer allows to:

  • increase productivity of crops preserving their ecological purity;
  • improve resistance to pests and diseases (by enhancing the immunity of plants);
  • stimulate plant growth and development at all stages of plant vegetation; increase field germination rate;
  • intensify root formation and stooling;
  • increase seed germination (e.g., quantity and weight of grains per ear, quantity and weight of potato and beet tubers);
  • reduce growth cycle;
  • increase crop yield by 20–50%;
  • improve palatability and nutritive value of products;
  • increase storage term of products;
  • improve quality and characteristics of agricultural products;
  • improve resistance to adverse climatic conditions (droughts, heat, frosts, rain, etc.);
  • significantly reduce production costs.

«Live Soil» has a positive effect on the soil, which is especially important for farms where it is depleted or poor. The fertilizer restores soil fertility, cleans the soil from heavy metals, radionuclides, pesticides and other chemical pollutants, increases soil moisture retention capacity, accelerates decomposition of plant residues as a destructor and activates humus formation.

Separately, we should mention the economic efficiency of «Live Soil» fertilizer application, which results in a significant increase in profitability of agricultural enterprises. Among the advantages of economic nature when using «Live Soil» are:

  • stable increase in crop yields (by 20- 50%);
  • reduction of the fertilizer application rates (by 30%);
  • reduction of personnel hours for treatment of plants owing to combining «Live Soil» fertilizer with mineral fertilizers, crop protecting agents and biological swith in onework cycle of plant treatment;
  • increase in the efficiency of pesticides (up to 30%);
  • enhancement of soil fertility without additional costs of its detoxication and sanitation;
  • reduction of ripening time for agricultural products;
  • reduction of crop losses under adverse climatic conditions;
  • increase in the storage period, reduction of storage losses;
  • decrease in expenses for other fertilizers (a liter of Live Soil substitutes for a ton of black mold or 100 kg of bio-humus);
  • highly concentrated type of fertilizer, which allows applying it in small doses;
  • lower cost per unit of active substance of fertilizer compared to granulated form.

It is important to note the application safety of «Live Soil» fertilizer: it is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic; it does not contain pests and infectants, seeds of weeds; it is not harmful for plants, animals, beneficial insects and humans.

Such positive results of using the complex organomineral fertilizer «Live Soil» became possible due to the unique raw materials and know-how in the manufacture, which uses the technology of humic molecules breakage into small fragments, preserving and enhancing the useful properties of humates, which increases bioavailability and enhances the efficiency of plant and soil uptake of nutrients.

Among the advantages of «Live Soil» fertilizer should also be noted its content of beneficial microorganisms, amino acids, vitamins, enzymes that catalyze the oxidative and hydrolytic reactions, plant nutrients, proteins, mono-and polysaccharides, pectins, melanoidins and phytohormones.

Biological activity of humic and fulvic acids of the «Live Soil» fertilizer obtained from lacustrine sapropel is 2–3 times higher than the activity of humic fertilizers based on peat, brown coal, lignin and other organic materials. Due to the high bioenergetic performance and lower molecular weight humic acids of sapropel have a higher capacity to participate in the physical and biological processes in plants and soils, which contributes to highly efficient absorption of all the nutrients of the fertilizer.

Macro- and microelements in Live Soil are in chelated form. Chelates have a number of advantages over soluble salts of microelements: plants and fruit crops absorb them much better and more effectively, because conventional salts can cross-react and form indigestible compounds.

At each stage of plant growth, complex organomineral fertilizer has a definite positive impact. What happens as a result of applying Live Soil at each of these stages?

The effectiveness of «Live Soil» fertilizer is confirmed by the positive experience of its practical use by agricultural producers, as evidenced by several examples below.

In Novgorod, Voronezh and Tambov regions (regions with different climatic conditions) the use of «Live Soil» increased grain yield by 26% (12 cwt/ha), 30% (6.1 cwt/ha) and 33% (6.6 cwt/ha) respectively. In Uzbekistan, on the territory of Parkent (Tashkent region) the survivability of vine seedlings after treatment with «Live Soil» fertilizer was 95% (without such treatment it did not exceed 75–80%), and with further treatment of vineyards the yields amounted to 25–28 tons per hectare.

An example of economic efficiency of «Live Soil» fertilizer application is the experience of potato growing in Novgorod and Bryansk regions. Thus, the standard yield of table potatoes in these regions is not more than 30 tons per hectare. However, when using «Live Soil» fertilizer, the yields increased (minimum indicator) by 10% (3 tons per hectare). Therefore, if the total area of planted potatoes is 7,000 hectares, the minimum increase in yield will be 21,000 tons (in terms of money – $ 1 million). The economic effect reflected in profitability (yield increase), exceeds investments in fertilizers by 15- 20 times. And most importantly, along with high profits, the consumer quality of products is improved

In conclusion, it should be noted that whatever challenges agricultural producers are facing nowadays, modern technology and scientific achievements make it possible to respond to them as effectively as possible. The gifts of Mother Nature, including the unique «Live Soil» fertilizer, as well as the combined e‑orts of global agricultural producers, who are ready to cooperate and share their experiences, contribute to the solution.