Alexander Murychev,
Chairman of the Editorial Board of the Eurasian Financial and Economic Herald
Dear friends,

Welcome to the pages of the Eurasian Financial and Economic Herald!
When we were planning the publication of the new magazine, we proceeded from the desire to create a print body that would become an expression of innovative ideas of the business community of the countries of Eurasia, the continent that unites more than 90 states, 5.5 billion people and produces 50% of the world's GDP.

The HERALD is a multidisciplinary publication that covers various business areas. Its pages reflect the most important topics of international business cooperation, the development of foreign economic relations, Eurasian economic integration and globalization, the problems of modernization and transition to an innovative economy, the theory and practice of entrepreneurship, competitiveness and economic security, the evolution of the financial and credit system.

The HERALD is addressed to a wide range of readers, but, first, to those who make decisions at different levels of responsibility, analyze global economic trends, develop recommendations or depend on the decisions made and integrated.

When we introduce readers to current issues of the financial and banking industry, problems and achievements of the real sector of the economy of the countries that are members of the intergovernmental associations of the EAEU, CIS, SCO, BSEC, OSCE, EU and BRICS, exclusive interviews with top officials of states, analytics and relevant comments. We strive to turn our magazine into a tribune, which would be considered a matter of honor by the best representatives of international political, economic and business circles.

We invite all of you to become members of our team, to be not only readers and critics, but also partners, participants in discussions, authors of articles and headings. Practical publications are important for us, including those reflecting the experience of leading companies of the Eurasian economy that successfully develop and implement new technologies, conduct socially responsible business, and take care of the environment. We are open to communication with the expert community and invite everyone who cares about the future of at least 1/3 of the world to the pages of the magazine.
The Herald is a journal about trends, forecasts, people, ideas and technologies.

The Herald differs significantly from other business financial and economic journals and newspapers of Eurasia, published online or offline.

This is a quarterly English-Russian publication about the trends of the world economy, the situation in emerging markets, investment opportunities and risks. Innovative economy and innovative management, about financial markets and banking activities.

An international editorial board with a central office in Moscow prepares the content of the journal. The journal's correspondents live and work all over the world-just like our readers.

A subscription to the printed version of the journal is issued separately.
For Authors
  • ​A convenient platform for promoting fresh ideas
  • The modern platform for exchange of experience and opinions
  • An open tribune for dialogue between entrepreneurs and investors
  • The source of up-to-date information and analytical reviews
  • Read and cited popular edition

An article in such an authoritative journal as HERALD confirms the competence of the author, draws attention to his personality, the company he represents and the problem identified.

We invite authors to share their expert opinion, scientific reflections, analytical materials, original inventions, promising technologies.

The main requirement for materials: relevance, information content and conceptuality.

And we will help you to make the article bright, unique, colorful and readable!
Technical requirements
For advertisers
  • a promising tool for promoting a brand, goods and services
  • wide advertising opportunities: from a module to special offers
  • extensive coverage of the business audience and potential partners
  • presence in 50+ countries, in 5 languages
  • quality content, awareness and authority of your brand
  • unlimited contact time with advertising message
  • long-term advertising effect
  • increasing the flow of potential customers to your website

Placement of advertisements on the pages of HERALD - this is not only a successful search for new partners and the conclusion of profitable contracts, but also a good opportunity to show the face of the company, confirm your status or declare yourself.

To place an advertisement in our magazine means to get into the hands of a certain circle of people interested in your product or service.

This is a great investment that will work for your name and reputation indefinitely.
Technical requirements
For partners
  • a wide range of information sponsorship tools
  • constant presence at the largest financial and economic forums
  • active participation in the life of professional communities
  • long-term cooperation with news agencies
  • multistage web mailing list
  • extensive information resources

Information partnership with HERALD is an opportunity to really promote your event among thousands of international audience.

By offering placement on its resources of press releases and news, advertisements and banners of events, our magazine encourages participation in them and reinforces the level of its authority.

Thematic, content and address mailings conducted by HERALD among partners, readers of the magazine and users of the website are a reliable way to announce your event and draw attention to the organizer, topic and discussed issues of the event.
Our readers are business circles of countries, representatives of the banking sector of Eurasian countries, businessmen, entrepreneurs, financiers
Scientists, politicians, public figures
Banking sector representatives


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